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The set St Philips is a towering presence on the Midlands circuit, leaving its competitors in its shadow. The set enjoys a virtual monopoly on the leading commercial talent in the region and the sheer column of quality practitioners the set houses makes it a player nationally as well we regionally. Interviewees were quick to commend it, and also reserved praise for a clerking team that "provides an efficient, obliging and valuable service.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Chambers UK 2011

St Philips ADR offers mediation and dispute resolution services for all types of dispute from its centrally located premises.  At a reasonable cost parties are able to choose from St Phillips ADR’s wide panel of individuals - all qualified in their chosen field of ADR – with the added benefit of being able to use our excellent facilities.

St Philips ADR Team is able to offer:


  • A broad range of individuals, in terms of experience, price and expertise, who are available to facilitate the resolution of your dispute.
  • First class facilities in a convenient and central location
  • Efficient administrative support and clerking to ensure your dispute resolution process is handled professionally and smoothly throughout

St Philips ADR is able to provide a resolution service for most disputes and parties by offering a large selection of mediators, who have different levels of experience; who offer differing charging rates; and who have different areas of expertise in the law.

All members of St Philips’ ADR Team hold dual qualification as mediators and barristers/trial advocates. Some also hold judicial office. In acting as mediators these individuals are able to combine their comprehensive experience of litigation and knowledge of how and why disputes arise together with their mediation experience and qualifications.  All have substantial experience as mediation advocates.

Many of the skills accrued by barristers are cross transferable to the role of mediator: the ability to sift through large amounts of complex information quickly; the ability to absorb, analyse and process information efficiently; and the ability to listen carefully to parties and focus clearly on what is being said are all skills employed when performing either role.

Equally, there are skills that a mediator needs to employ which a barrister might not use, for example, tempering the desire to voice an opinion on merits in the mediation process and using a different type of questioning style. St Philips ADR team is therefore made up of a select few of St Philips Chambers’ barristers who have not only undertaken the requisite mediation training, but who also recognise that the transition from barrister to mediator involves far more than the change of a title.






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